Minneapolis / St. Paul

Strategically located in the center of Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.

Ee-Jay St. Paul Location

Services Offered at our St. Paul Location

  • Bulk Transfer
  • Bulk Trucking
  • Warehousing & Packaging
  • Silo Evacuation or Interplant Transfers
  • Load Adjustment
  • Resin Drying
  • Salvage

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Tank Wash

Modern two bay tank wash facilities equipped with the most modern Gamajet trailer washers and high pressure product hoses and rear filter canister cleaning appliances.

Certified Scale

Platform scale equipped with an electronic digital printer ensures accurate loading and inventory.

Railcar Storage

Rail track storage for over 115 jumbo railcars. Making our Minneapolis / St. Paul facility the largest and most experienced bulk plastic resin handler in the Central Midwest area.

Warehousing & Packaging

Neighboring warehouse facility for customer storage, transferring or packaging to/from bulk tanks, railcars and/or Gaylord boxes.