Dry Bulk

Our Dry Bulk Capabilities Include but are not limited to;
  • Plastic Pellets & Powders
  • Flour
  • Barley
  • Sand
  • Sugar

Railcar Storage

We provide on track storage for over 235 jumbo railcars making us one of the largest and most experienced dry bulk handlers in the Central Midwest area. The majority of this track space is owned and maintained by Ee-Jay.
  • Long or Short Term Availability
  • Empty or Loaded Railcars
  • In Transit Storage of Products
  • Strategic Hub to Support Multiple Plant /Terminal Locations
  • Holding Yard to Alleviate your Plant Congestion
  • Forward positioning of railcars ahead of Hurricane Season
  • Bulk Truck access to Railcars available as required


Ee-Jay's substantial fleet of large cube dry bulk aluminum pneumatic self-loading trailers are dedicated to specific commodities service.

All valves and fittings are stainless steel/aluminum, all gaskets are sanitary white and trailers are equipped with inline filters and stainless steel hoses to insure product purity. Tractor and trailer exteriors are cleaned regularly and trailer interiors, hoses, discharge line, etc., are washed with hot filtered water and cleaned as required.

Because of the highly contamination prone nature of the material handled, virtually all trailers are dedicated to a specific material.

Tractors are equipped with PTO-driven blowers. Blowers provide air for delivery of food grade material and are equipped with a filter on each side of the blower.

These blower filters are regularly inspected, cleaned or replaced. Additionally, trailers are equipped with heat exchangers to provide exact unloading air temperatures depending upon the product that is handled.


Ee-Jay is certified and capable of hauling bulk and packaged products all across the United States and Canada with our fleet of trucks.

With newer equipment and an excellent CSA score we take safety and customer satisfaction very seriously.

Tank Washes

Modern two bay drive thru indoor tank wash facilities in E. St. Louis and St. Paul equipped with the most modern Gamajet trailer washing spinners, high pressure product hose and rear filter canister cleaning appliances.

Truck Scales

On premise in ground platform scales equipped with an electronic digital printer ensures accurate loading and inventory reporting at both our St. Louis and Minnesota locations.